Version 3

    TestNG for your Booking Example in Eclipse


    This is an extension of this Project, in which we set up an Eclipse project with the Seam booking example. However, we didn't care about TestNG yet.


    Here is a short description what remains to be done for using TestNG. It's quite straightforward...


    • download and install the TestNG plugin for Eclipse in case you didn't do that already.

    • copy /seam-inst/lib/testng-4.5.1-jdk15.jar (from the Seam install directory) to the lib/ext folder (of your project).

    • In Eclipse highlight seam-booking (the project) then choose menu "file" > "Properties" > "Java Build Path" > "Libraries". "Add Jars..." now and choose testng-4.5.1-jdk15.jar in lib/ext.


    That's it, you can now start TestNG by right clicking on file testng.xml (in folder src/, then "Run As" > "TestNG suite"





    Be sure to also take a look at dbatcn's HowTo, in which he sets up a similar eclipse project. He provides a few little helper and he shows that it's easy to install Emma, an open source project for Java code coverage. A code coverage analysis, also known as test coverage analysis, is a software testing technique which helps you to analyse how much of your Java code is covered by your test cases.