Version 10

    This doc outlines the items Nick and Max will be working on (or at least discussing at length) during Eclipse Summit:


    == Parent Pom & Target Platform Building ==


    Why is helios-remote-target not the default one for our builds ?

    • It is enabled by default, along with the "helios" profile which includes all the and sites against which the helios-remote-target's site is built. So... maybe we no longer need the "helios" one to be enabled by default? ~Nick
    • It is now default - so we use one single updatesite(Yay!)
    • Outstanding: have a matching target platform that points to this site. Can we simply have one target in which we replace all repo urls ? (Nick)


    Why does our pom not have relative path references so you don't have to install parent first ?

    i.e. <relativePath>../../../build/parent/pom.xml</relativePath>

    • If we use relative pom's shouldn't we make the aggregator pom for "modules" a parent pom that references to the uber-pom ? (avoids the need to update too much the children and allow each module to adjust for their needs - i.e. run tests non-ui harness)
    • Outstanding: This should be done to a certain extent - need to look up consequences for aggreator/parent (Max)


    == Testing == (Max)


    We should use two surefire runs to seperate (fast) unit tests from (slow) integration tests, i.e. use failsafe plugin or simply use IT* as the pattern for integration tests. -- Agreed. Can have different profiles w/ different classname filters in the parent/pom.xml. I was thinking more like where its split in same profile via mvn test and mvn integration-test goals.


    We should find out how we can run some plugins with uiharness and others without, even within same plugin.


    Would be good to find way just run tests without compiling everything again. - DONE! (mvn integration-test triggers compilation if there are changes + run tests. Running mvn osgi-test:test just runs tests, without compilation phase)


    Need to get OSX tests run out-of-box, see m2eclipse/trunk/org.maven.ide.eclipse.parent/pom.xml - DONE! (uses activation of osx specific profile to set -d32 and other flags to have it run reliably on osx)


    == Source Bundles == (Nick)


    Can we generate source bundles so we get source features ? (see egit for example of this)

    (note: source features != sdk features since these doesn't include the binary) -- Apparently yes, but @d_a_carver says the egit stuff doesn't work. Yes, but git:// for some reason do (at least I get sources plugin built).


    We got a working setup for JMX, need to cleanup features and add feature.source.

    Make script to generate it based on existing feature ?


    == Maven depoy == (Max)


    At least our pom's should be deployed to


    Need to start actually use versioning.


    == Dependencies ==


    We have an issue with javax.soap 1.2 vs. javax.soap 1.3 we haven't been able to resolve - JBIDE-6450 - need some idea on how to resolve it. - discussed with Chris A, solutions tried - nothing found yet. documented in JBIDE-6450.


    Teiid/Savara extraneous dependencies (on datatools.enablement.sdk.feature (JBIDE-7443) or osgi package (instead of containing bundle/plugin/feature - SAVARA-141)


    Decide contents of [JBDS Target Platform + 3rd Party Site] vs. [JBT TP] (ie., where to put things like m2eclipse, gwt, springide, testng and how to clearly state level of support)


    Can we use tycho's "semi" support for maven dependencies for 3rd party jars, i.e. modeshape, drools and others have these jars in the system.


    Check if upper/lower bound of plugins can be checked/applied so we get consistent p2/update behavior.


    == Update Sites ==


    Reduce the footprint of update site zips posted to and Suggest either JUST the all-in-one aggregate site, or else the all-in-one + Hibernate, VPE, Drools, and Teiid (the biggest ones).


    Publish multiple update sites into a singel composite site on See


    == Documentation & Auditing ==


    Tracking contents of JBT/JBDS when built as aggregation - JBIDE-7444


    Create new HTML generator for both and standalone index.html page (JBIDE-6958, JBIDE-7045)


    Create new tool to diff between releases "sanity checker" - JBIDE-6343


    Update docs re: building, testing, provisioning: