Version 2

    Message Drive Beans

    This example shows you how to implement an MDB with EJB 3.0.



    You configure properties by using the @MessageDriven(activateConfig) attribute with a bunch

    of @ActivationConfigProperty.  All properties that you can set are defined in this file.  Internally

    this is the class that is created to hold config information.



    Take a look at


    The queue-example-service.xml file defines the queue.  This is the same in regular JBoss.


    Building and Running

    To build and run the example, make sure you have ejb3.deployer installed in JBoss 4.0.x and have JBoss running.  See the reference manual on how to install EJB 3.0. 

    Unix:    $ export JBOSS_HOME=<where your jboss 4.0 distribution is>
    Windows: $ set JBOSS_HOME=<where your jboss 4.0 distribution is>
    $ ant
    $ ant run


    Look in the console window to determine that the message was sent.


    01:01:20,828 INFO  [STDOUT] ----------------
    01:01:20,828 INFO  [STDOUT] Received message
    01:01:20,828 INFO  [STDOUT] ----------------