Version 2

    The following are features of Embedded Jopr 1.2.0.GA for JBoss AS 5.1.0.GA (bundled as part of JBAS release)


    • Persistent configuration changes for the following resources:
      • Datasources
      • Connection Factories
      • JMS Queues and Topics based on JBoss Messaging
    • Deploy, undeploy and update applications (EARs, WARs, EJB jars)
    • View statistics and carry out operations on many other components:
      • JBAS server: e.g. version, memory usage, thread count
      • EARs, WARs, EJB jars: e.g. lifecycle operations - start/stop/reload.
    • Information on the machine JBAS is running on, e.g. OS, version
    • Web Metrics
      • Connector info/stats
      • Virtual Host info/stats
      • WAR summarized request stats
    • Removal of Datasource components


    To access the console, once it has been deployed, go to this URL.




    The default username and password are admin/admin. These credentials come from the "jmx-console" security domain which by default is configured via ${JBOSS_CONFIG_DIR}/conf/props/