Version 1

    The following features are for Embedded Jopr 1.1.GA running inside of JBAS4.2.x


    • Persistent configuration changes for the following resources:
      • Datasources
      • Connection Factories
      • JMS Queues and Topics based on either JBoss MQ or the newer JBoss Messaging
    • Deploy, undeploy and update applications (EARs and WARs)
    • Monitor all standard JVM metrics and execute operations e.g. thread dump, garbage collection.
    • View statistics and carry out operations on many other components:
      • JBAS server: e.g. version, memory usage, thread count and stop operation
      • Hibernate Session factories
      • JBoss Web vhosts: supported aliases
      • JBoss Web connectors: e.g. Maximum Request Time
      • EARs and WARs:  e.g. Avg. Servlet Resp. Time and lifecycle operations e.g. start/stop/reload.
    • Execute scripts found under /bin