Version 9

    If an Attribute page or Value page doesn't exist yet, clicking on the attribute or value brings up the wiki-edit-mode for the page:



    A Twiki template has already filled out the necessary wiring, so you can just hit "save", and a new attribute- or valuepage is created that behaves as described in BrowsingTheOntology. But note that this is a real wiki page, so you can add

    • An Explanation of that Attribute or Value

    • for Attributes: Guidelines on what to use as values

    • for Values: Guidelines on when to use this as a tag

    • Direct links to the main documentation page, some more Tag Aggregation, ...



    In this example, we add a link to the wikipedia entry to the keyword "loadbalancing". After that, hit save, et voila:



    A new Value page that refers to wikipedia and lists all the pages Tagged as "Keyword:loadbalancing"!


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