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    Project Information


    How is Arquillian pronounced?

    Test Design


    How do I add JAR files to the test archive?

    How do I manage transactions in my test?



    Why aren't assert statements working?




    Why are the injection points in my test null?




    How do I setup a DataSource in Embedded GlassFish when using Arquillian?

    How does a managed container differ from a remote container?


    Debugging and Logging


    Why don't break points work when debugging?

    Why don't I see System.out or log messages?




    Why do I get ClassNotFoundException: WeldException?

    What's the cause of this exception: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Absent Code?


    IDE and Development


    How do I install the TestNG 5.11 Eclipse plugin?

    Why does Eclipse fail to build Arquillian?