File Upload Migration to RichFaces 4

Version 10


    This document will describe the migration of fileUpload component.


    information from 3.3.x:









    Related requests and jiras:

    list of jira's


    Removed features
    • Upload Data - duplicates the uploadListener functionality.


    Base functionality - to be implemented in M5
    • Modes
      • html
    • upload
      • optional restriction for the same named files upload
      • limitation of size per file (for application)
      • in memory/disk files storing
      • limitation for files per extension/type
      • support for multiple files upload
      • context parameters for directory specifying as for 3.3
      • already possible to add messages from listener and it will be shown in ajaxRendered zone.
        • render and execute in long term
      • Markup redefinition
        • All cusomization whichg was available through attributes
          • buttons  labels
          • entries/errors/status labels
      • Entries list
        • Clear functionality for single file
        • Clear all
      • Upload progress
        • using plugged by default progressBar
        • PB could be customized through definition in named facet
      • Disabled state for component
      • Visual presets
        • 3.3.x look and feel (except long term)
      • Client side events
        • before upload - every file
        • upload of all files finished


      Long Term

      • Modes
        • flash
      • Upload
        • customization of count of files available for upload ??
        • Auto clearing the list
        • Immediate upload
        • size limitation per component (seems not really possible with current impl. need to review.)
        • execute&render attributes + review other ajax ones which possible to add.
        • possibility to return state of single upload in listener.
      • Markup redefinition
          • Labels definition through resource bundles
          • Customization which was available using macrosubstitutions
            • header controls and labels set
            • entry controls and labels set
          • "Stop" functionality for upload
          • Servlets 3 native upload capabilities support
          • Visual preset
            • based on simple  <input type="file"/> elements
          • Client API
          • Client side events
            • upload of single file finished
            • add file
            • remove file
            • stop
            • cancel
            • clear
            • transfer error
            • size error
            • type rejected
          • Validation
            • If we can't support normal FAces validation (as fileUpload not actually input but works through UploadEvent) - we need to have possibility to add messages from listener and abort further processing.
            • still want to try to support required.