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    The filter stack

    Let's say we want to see all Articles on mod_jk. For this, we finally proceed to the beige area at the bottom of the metajizer sidebar. Here we can define a set of cascading filters. In our example we want to filter by the Tags "Format:Article" and "Product:mod_jk". At the moment though,



    the filter stack is empty ("Current Filter: none").


    Adding filters to the stack.

    So at first, we want to add the Tag "Product:mod_jk" to the filter stack:

    • Clicking on "Product" in the Metajizer Sidebar brings up the attribute page for the attribute "Product" (see BrowsingTheOntology)

    • On that attribute page, we click on the Value "Mod_jk"

    • On display of the value page, the filter area offers a link to "Add Filter: Product  Mod_jk". This is what we want so we click on it

    • Now "Product  Mod_jk" is added to the filter stack.

    To add the tag "Format:Article" to the stack, we repeat the procedure:

    • Clicking on "Format" in the Sidebar brings up the Attribute page for Format

    • clicking on "Article" in that page brings up the corresponding Value page and the link to "Add Filter: Format  Article"

    • which we click - now both filters are in the stack


    To remove a filter, simply click the "X" right next to it.


    Aggregating filtered pages

    Once we have the filter stack in place, simply clicking on "Show filtered pages" brings up a list of all pages that match all filter criteria. In our case, all articles covering Mod_jk:



    Searching filtered pages

    Alternatively, we can do a google search over all pages that match the filter stack. Let's say we are looking for an article on mod_jk that covers sticky sessions:



    Et voila! Mladen's article comes to the rescue:



    Note: The google search makes use of the corporate Google Search Appliance, which indexes all metajized pages (internal and external URLs). It may take up to 1 1/2 hours until freshly-metajized pages appear in the search results.


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