Version 12

    Here you'll find instructions on how to install the forge


    Normal - without cruise control

    • Install java and maven

    • Configure JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME

    • Check out portal-extensions

    • Type "maven help" to see the list of files you have to modify. Note: make sure that the directory for portal-content exists.

    • Type "maven install" to install the AS and portal

    • Type "maven all" to build and deploy the extensions

    • You should be able to run the forge now.


    With cruisecontrol


    All paths are relative to $FORGE_HOME.


    • Export cc and maven from the repository: svn export <repo-access-path>/forge/trunk/forge/build/

    • Create a build/log/portal-extensions directory

    • Edit the cc/config.xml file:

       - delete the "jira-extensions" section

       - modify some paths in the "portal-extensions" section

         - currentstatusbuildlistener (pointing to the log dir you just created)

         - localworkingcopy of svn

         - mavenscript (maven executable)

         - projectfile

         - log directory (as with the status listener)

       - modify the interval between checks for updates in svn

    • Configure JAVA_HOME, MAVEN_HOME and PATH variables

    • Go to build/cc/cruisecontrol-2.2.1/reporting/jsp/dist

    • Unpack cruisecontrol.war

    • Modify the path in WEB-INF/web.xml for: logdir, and the filename of: currentBuildStatusFile

    • Deploy cc.war

    • Modify build/cc/ to use proper paths

    • Check out portal-extensions to build/cc/portal-extensions

    • Create and modify portal-extensions/ (based on the .sample file)

    • Create and modify portal-extensions/forge-login/to-copy/portal-login-ds.xml

    • Create and modify portal-extensions/forge-common/src/etc/org/jboss/forge/common/

    • Create and modify portal-extensions/blojsom/to-copy/blojsom.war/WEB-INF/

    • Create and modify portal-extensions/jspwiki/etc/

    • Run in build/cc/portal-extensions, "maven install"

    • Run cc


    Details on the .properties files