Version 13

    To use any of the available tags, remember to add:


    <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tld/forge.tld" prefix="forge" %>


    to your jsp file. And of course, you must have the forge.tld file in your application. It can be found in forge-common/src/web/WEB-INF/tld.




    If you want to use any of these tags, be sure to call:


    • forgeHelper.prepareRequest(request) when no project is selected


    • projectsHelper.prepareRequest(request) when a project is selected


    before including a jsp page, where xxxHelper is an instance of XxxHelper.


    Also, in  all tags, when there is a project attribute available, you can use a special value: _selected - this will be replaced by the selected project's name.




    In the URL tags (except for the freezone) you can also set a special attribute form. It will have these effects when set to:

    • formAction: will print only the url, without any parameters; that is intended for use in the <form action="..."> tag


    • formField: will print a hidden field with an attribute's value: <input type="hidden" name="paramName" value="paramValue" />


    Here are the available tags:

    1. categoryURL

    2. imagePath

    3. pageURL

    4. param

    5. projectURL

    6. selectedProject

    7. wikiURL

    8. freezoneURL

    9. attrValue

    10. attrIf