Version 4

    How to post to the forums.


    Step 1

    Have your read this advice, i.e. can you find the answer using search or reading the docs/specs.


    Step 2

    Choose your forum carefully. Look to see whether your problem is the type of question that is being answered in that forum.


    Always read any instructions at the top of the forum, usually in "READ THIS FIRST"



    Step 3

    Post your question. Keep it short but without missing relevant information. Also, if you are posting code or xml use the 'Code' button available in the post editing window to wrap the contents in a < code> </code> block. That will preserve the format of the content and will help in making the post look clean and easier to read.


    Step 4

    Any response might be 24 hours, a week or month away. Continue working on the problem.

    If you don't get a response, re-read the advice in step 1.


    Step 5

    Parse the response. Does it make sense? Which part don't you understand? Maybe the answer does not help you directly, but it gives you some leads (keywords) to go back and re-search.



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