GSOC 12 JBoss Community Students

This article lists the GSOC projects that are accepted under the 2012 program. Thanks to Dan Allen for creating the list.



NumIdeaStudentMentorAdditional InformationURL
1Implement human task as a process in jBPM5Demian Calcaprinasalaboy

2Replace old graphs in RHQ with GWT onesDenis KruskoHeiko W. Rupp

3Automated Visual VerificationJakub DuniaLukas Fryc

4Extend Arquillian to support Spring testing (beans and MVC controllers)Jakub NarlochMarius Bogoevici

5Implement a Plugin to add “Undo” functionality to ForgeJevgeni ZelenkovLincoln Baxter, III

6Implement an RHQ agent in PythonKrzysztof KwaśniewskiJohn Sanda

7A Jenkins plugin to visualize Jacoco code coverage reportsOgnjen BubaloJonathan Fuerth

8.NET client for the Hot Rod wire protocolSunimal RathnayakeMircea Markus