Version 10

    There are a lot of GWT frameworks. This SWOT analysis compares them.


    General purpose

    QuestionsGWT-MosaicSmartGWTAdvanced GWT
    Ext GWT
    LicenseASL (beans binding is LGPL)LGPL (+ proprietary pro/enterprise version)ASLGPL (Game over)
    ??Component library
    Activity: ohloh link
    Activity: evaluation (1 to 5)
    Maven 2 poms
    Docs: Reference manualnone?none?none?
    Docs: otherwebsite widget list
    with screenshot
    and example code
    Can it do what Guvnor does now?

    How difficult is it to add things (which we need now or in the future)?

    Theme and skinning?
    Dependency injection


    If you don't agree with a subjective value (for example activity evaluation) add your oppinion in the cell like this: "ge0ffrey: 2 because no release in 20 months".


    TODO: Evaluate the SWOT entries


    • S: strength
    • W: weakness
    • O: opportinity
    • T: threat