Version 7

    In Teiid Designer 7.1, web service models are used to generate the necessary artifacts required to create a JBossWS-CXF war file. This war can be deployed to any JBoss server with JBossWS-CXF 3.2.1 SP7 or greater installed. In Teiid Designer 7.1.1, HTTPBasic and WS-Security (Username Token)  support were added. This makes it possible to create secure top-down or bottom-up web services that connect to a Teiid federated datasource with just a few short clicks.


    Web service models can be created either by importing existing WSDL, hand-modeling them in the Designer model explorer, or generating them from a relational source. Once the web service models are complete, simply create a VDB and add your models. When you right-click on the VDB containing the web service models, you will see an option to generate a JBossWS-CXF war. This will bring up a wizard with the options to use when generating your war:


    Screenshot-Create Web Service WAR File -1.png


    Once your war is created just deploy to your JBossAS with JBossWS-CXF installed and you're off and running!