Get Started with Native Applications And JBoss

Native application work on AeroGear, and JBoss in general can be broken down in to two different focus's:


JBoss As The BackendJBoss on The Device


JBoss As The Backend

This is where JBoss servers, and services are used to support and host the back end services of native applications.  There are lots of ways to do this, and lots of clients out there.  These are just a couple with more to come soon enough :-)

JBoss AS and an Android Client

As part of the JBoss AS documentation one of our guys, Thomas Diesler, created a native android application that accesses RESTful services on JBoss.  This example goes one step further and hosts this backend on OpenShift.  Follow it and you'll have your own app up, hosted, and deployed!


Heiko Rupp, from the RHQ team has been experimenting with android applications that use secured RESTful endpoints to act as management front ends for RHQ (Red Hat Management).  You can checkout his progress and his video from Sept 2011 on this effort

JBoss On The Device

This is where we start getting especially experimental, but also quite exciting.  Want to get JBoss AS 7 running on your Android device, how about transactions services natively.  Check them out here.

Running JBoss AS on Android

In this wiki page, JBoss AS guru Carlo de Wolf, walks you through how to get an actual JBoss AS server running on Android, and also how to brick your phone ;-)

Transactions on Android

Our very own CTO, Mark Little discussed how he ported JBossTS to android! 

How About You?

Have any prototypes or examples you want to showoff and discuss - let us know!!