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    Why do I Get WARN "Only the root deployment can set the loader repository" on 3.2.5?


    This is not really classloader related, it is a false warning that you can

    safely ignore.


    When you have a nested deployment (e.g. a .war inside an .ear),

    there is a bug in the xml descriptor parsing where the subdeployment

    always tries to set the top-level loader repository, even if it is not

    specified in the subdeployment. But classloading isolation can only be

    set in the top-level deployment, and hence the warning.


    You can easily spot this out, because of the typo in the warning, eg:


    "18:57:41,334 WARN  [DeploymentInfo] Only the root deployment can set the loader
    repository, ingoring config=null"


    This appears in v3.2.5, but it was fixed later versions.


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