Version 41

    Get started


    Follow the install instructions to create a few users to get started.

    For this guide I created 3 users:














    Using tomcat login to htttp://yourserver:8080/calendar/





    Create an Address


    In order for other users to see you, you have to register your contact information.


    Name,Organization adn e-mail is required. Use the e-mail address that was created for tomCat in the mailserver.




    Find Address in Address Book


    After you added your address, it becomes visible under your Address Book.

    This address can be shared with other users(shown later).






    Logout and use the account jerryMouse to login again.




    Create an other Address


    It is not a must have but for our tutorial create a user address for the second user. Use the e-mail address that was created for jerryMouse in the mailserver.




    Add another user into the Address Book.


    After adding an address for jerryMouse, you can find the address in the Adddress Book. On the side menu there is a link to Add New Address. In order to schedule a meeting with user tomCat, jerryMouse has to add tomCat's address into the his Address Book.





    Search for other users.


    Enter the username to search for other users personal addresses. During search you can also use  as a wild card to look for users. On this screen you can also add addresses that are only for the user's own personal use.




    Found the user.





    After all use the calendar.


    Click on the Calendar option on the top menu to see "Today"'s schedule.






    Schedule a meeting


    Click on New Event to create a new schedule entry.

    Click on Add Invites to invite any other user from the Address Book. Inviting non users is not supported now.





    Others user availabilty


    The meeting time is highlighted in a time scale.

    For Tom and Jerry they have an open schedule.



    After scheduleing the meeting, their meeting will show as "busy" time for other users trying to schedule meetings.




    Accepting the invite


    After scheduleing a meeting the invitees will see the event on their own calendars.

    Every invitee has the option to Accept or Decline an invite



    The orginizer can also check on a meeting and see who accepted or declined.

    Each invitees name cell changes color based on their status.






    Email Notification


    The users also can receive e-mail notification based on their preferences.

    Default each user receives HTML Mail.


    Differnet events in the system generate notification.


    For example if an other user add you to her Address Book:




    Or when you are invited:



    The meeting organizer also recieves notification when an invitee accepts or declines.