Getting started with HornetQ in less than five minutes

Version 12

    Usability and simplicity are core design principles with HornetQ.


    We hope that our documentation is clear and easy to understand and structured in a task driven way, not as a long list of reference parameters. We're sure it's not perfect yet either but it will get even better over time.


    We also ship HornetQ with over 65 ready-to-run examples straight out of the box. So you can quickly get to grips with working with HornetQ using real working examples.


    (Take a look at the quick start guide for exact instructions on how to get up and running in five minutes or less)


    In short, basically you just need to:


    1. Download HornetQ
    2. Unzip HornetQ
    3. Go to examples/jms/queue
    4. Run "./" (or "build.bat" if you are using Windows)
    5. This starts a server and a client which sends/receive on a JMS Queue


    Any questions, or problems then ping us on irc (irc:// or drop a message at the user forums.


    That's it.