Version 15

    Welcome to the guided tour around the installation and usage of the Metajizer.

    This tour will take about 20 minutes, and to fully take advantage of the tools, I would recommend taking the whole tour. If you're in a hurry, just follow the "Installation and Tagging" trail and come back later for "Advanced Features" trail.


    Zeroth trail...

    • if you haven't done already, check out the MetajizerOverview to get an impression of what it's all about


    First trail: Installation and tagging

    1. SidebarInstallation - for technical reasons outside the wiki note that you need to be on VPN to get this!

    2. CheckingOutTheSidebar

    3. SimpleTagging

    4. TaggingBestPractices


    Second trail: Advanced Features

    1. BrowsingTheOntology

    2. ExtendingTheOntology

    3. FiltersAndSearches

    4. AggregatingIntoTheWiki