Version 4

    Proposed features for a September release:



    1. XLS test data (spreadsheets as test scenarios)
    2. Web execution server (REST/WS)
    3.   - Stand alone, can access rules from any tech...
    4. Discussion log per asset
      1. keep a log of discussions and status changes, some users may only be able to add comments, not edit rule. Similar to JIRA rolling comments...
      2. feeds to log changes
      3. "inbox" for BAs showing changes/comments etc... when login.
    5. BA Usability, less complexity for simple rule "reviewers" and rule "editors".
    6. Workflow, where there is an "in-box" for the BA so they know which rules they need to view & approve vs edit the non-frozen areas, based on some other author updating the artifact in the repository. JIRA here.
    7. Sharable artifacts (eg one model, used in multiple packages)





    Nice to haves:

    1. "Advisor"
         - Built on Execution Server, it provides a "GUI" for asking questions from users, dyanmically, based on the rules (embeddable in any web app)
    2. Template rules & "frozen" areas is really important.  more advanced rule authors wish to create the templates but allow the BAs just to "fill in the blank" and not substantially alter the actual rule.


    Non functional:

    1. GWT upgrade
    2. Move to jboss workspace
    3. Multitude of bug fixes (50 Known)