HTML5 Mobile Quickstart & Archetype Deep Dive

Version 2

    This article details the sigificant files, libraies, and source code for the AeroGear archetype and quickstart that is part of the JBoss-AS quickstart suite called "jboss-as-html5-mobile".


    The quickstart example is the direct product of the archetype, and for that reason this article will use the quickstart of reference, but same files will exist if you create your own application using the archetype.  For instructions on getting started with the archetype and quickstart see: Getting Started With HTML5 Mobile Web Development with JBoss

    Application Deep Dive

    Client Side


    jQuery Mobile

    HTML5 Semantic Tags
    HTML5 Form API

    Server Side

    Bean Validation
    RESTful JAX-RS Endpoints

    Testing the Application Code

    Testing an HTML5 based application requires some addition considerations.  First you need to test the JAX-RS  back end services.  Second with more logic existing in JavaScript you need an effective way of unit testing that.

    Server Side
    Client Side