Version 2

    HTML Validator Extension


    Every (X)HTML page should be valid, we know it but sometimes forget to check validity. In order to automate this task an HTML Validator Extension could be used.

    First of all you need to install this extension to the Firefox:

    1. go to and install proper version of HTML Validator as a former Firefox extension (I've installed 0.861 version)
    2. after the Firefox restart you will notice small icon at the right of Status Bar
    3. finally you can tune this extension: Right Click on the HTML Validator icon > Options... > Algorothm - SGML Parser


    That's it! You can now open RichFaces Showcase page and notice that there are no errors. 



    JSF 2 validation errors


    Unfortunality there 2 cases when (X)HTML validation fails for JSF 2 project (bug of JSF 2 itself):

    1. ID "javax.faces.ViewState" already defined - when using multiple forms.
    2. there is no attribute "autocomplete" - JSF generates ViewState hidden input with the "autocomplete" attribute that is not valid according to XHTML 1.0 (Strict/Transitional) markup. Actually you can avoid "autocomplete" attribute generation with help of the following context-param in web.xml(better not because Firefox brokes the state with this option set to false):