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In a nutshell this is another view on the management API available over the http connector installed in standalone.xml/host.xml, normally on port 9990.




            <security-realm name="ManagementRealm">


                    <properties path="" relative-to="jboss.server.config.dir" plain-text="true"/>





            <native-interface interface="management" port="9999"/>

            <http-interface interface="management" port="9990"/>




GET requests


The GET URL form is a mapping of operation addresses, with a few

supported read operations, and support for mapping top level values via

query parameters. The default operation is read-resource. So in

other words you can dump the whole management tree like so:



To make the output of any GET operation easier to read you can append the "json.pretty" parameter to the end, e.g.:




The lack of additional /'s defaults to the root node.

The lack of an "operation" defaults to the read-resource operation.

The "recursive" is mapped to the recursive as a boolean, a lack of an

assignment defaults to "true"


The attributes of the http web connector can be retrieved with:



A single attribute can be retrieved by specifying the attribute

operation and the attribute name:



The full description of the model can be retrieved using the

read-resource-description operation like so:



POST requests


You can also do post support for both JSON and DMR Encoded:


curl -H Content-Type:\ application/json -d '{"operation":"read-resource","address":[],"json.pretty":1}'



curl -H Content-Type:\ application/dmr-encoded -d