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    JBoss Help "Expert System"


    This page attempts to lead you through the type of information that is likely to be relevant to your question.


    The more pertinent your question, the more likely it is that you will get a response.


    Nobody wants to play "20 Questions" with you to find out what your problem really is. You should

    know what the problem is, you are looking for an answer.


    20 Questions - Who, where, what, why, when, etc.


    1. What is your JBoss Version?

    2. Have you tried the latest and greatest?

    3. What version of Java are you using?

    4. Have you tried the latest JVM or a different vendor?

    5. What Operating System are you using?

    6. Do you have the correct patches to run the virtual machine?

    7. Do you have a known OS issue?

    8. What database/thirdparty jars are you using?

    9. Have you asked the thirdparty for help?

    10. What configuration changes did you make to JBoss?

    11. Does it work if you don't make those changes?

    12. Why did you make that change?

    13. Where did you get the information about that change?

    14. What is your problem?

    15. Could you hope to answer the question from the information you post?

    16. Did you ask a colleague about the problem first? This can save a lot of embarrassment and wasted time.

    17. What error message do you see?

    18. Post the full stacktrace.

    19. Is that the first error message?

    20. Are there any related WARN messages?

    21. Have you tried searching for that error message?

    22. Is it actually a

      error message?

    23. Have you included the deployment descriptors for the application with the problem?

    24. What did you expect to happen?

    25. Why did you expect that behaviour?

    26. How does your application differ from the many examples that work?

    27. Have you enabled DEBUG or TRACE logging to see what is really happening?

    28. Post the log from around the time you have the problem.

    29. What steps did you take to isolate the problem?

    30. Do you know what configuration option or api calls causes the problem?

    31. If you are reporting a "bug", how do you know it is a bug?

    32. Can you quote chapter and verse from the specification?

    33. Do you have a simple test that reproduces the "bug"?

    34. Did you search to see whether the "bug" is already fixed?


    The "Expert System"

    What is your problem?


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