Hibernate Roadmap

Always consult JIRA as the authoritative (though extremely detailed) Road Map.  This page presents higher-level goals planned for upcoming releases.



  • Since 3.5 is in production, there will be no more 3.3 releases.


  • Since 3.6 is in production, there will be no more 3.5 releases.


  • 3.6 is in production and is therefore in maintenance mode, meaning only bug fixes and important improvements will be released.
  • See JIRA for the most current 3.6 details.


  • There will be no 3.x releases beyond 3.6 as we are focusing attention on 4.0
  • Gradle: why?



  • move to gradle for builds
  • Redesign SessionFactory building
    • Introduction of services
    • Improved metamodel
  • Initial osgi-fication by package splitting (public, internal, spi)
  • Support for multi-tenant databases
  • Migration to i18n logging framework
  • JDK 1.6 (JDBC4) as baseline


Future Plans