Hibernate Search Migration Guide

Version 5

    Hibernate Search 3.2.0.Beta1

    Discriminator interface changes

    • The  getAnanyzerDefinitionName method name in org.hibernate.search.analyzer.Discriminator contained a typo and is now called getAnalyzerDefinitionName.


    IndexWriter tuning configuration changes

    • Until  previous version any configuration option set as  indexwriter.transaction.<parameter_name> would also affect the  batch version of it, unless indexwriter.batch.<parameter_name> was  explicitly set. This was leading to confusion and now to set a batch  parameter you have to explicitly set it.


    Hibernate Search 3.1.0.GA

    Make sure to  review the migration guides from the 3.1.x intermediate releases.


    Hibernate Search 3.1.0.CR1


    • As part of this release we  removed calls to deprecated methods and classes in the Lucene 2.4 API.  This includes the usage of the deprecated Hits class. This  implies that projected Lucene scored won't be normalized anymore.


    Hibernate Search 3.1.0.Beta2


    • Most APIs have been properly  generified. For example, They now accept Class<?> rather  than the raw type. You might need to recompile your code and fix a few  warnings.
    • ReaderProvider has a  new method destroy()


    • This version makes use of  Lucene 2.4.0.



    • The Filter definition declaration  has changed a bit. Use @FullTextFilterDef.cache now receives FilterCacheModeType enums and is the only cache related configuration. It defaults to cache  filter instances and BitSet results.


    Hibernate Search 3.1.0.Beta1


    • Hibernate Search 3.1 depends  on Hibernate Core 3.3, and is integrated with Hibernate Annotations 3.4
    • The  logging system has moved to slf4j
    • The Lucene version must be 2.3  and above


    • Optimizations features  involving Lucene tuning are now under hibernate.search.[default|<indexname>].indexwriter.[transaction|batch]



    • FullTextQuery.BOOST is now  deprecated, it always returned 1 and had no concrete usage
    • Search.createFullTextSession and Search.createFullTextEntityManager are deprecated and  replaced by Search.getFullTextSession and Search.getFullTextEntityManager


    • hibernate.search.worker.batch_size is deprecated in favor to the fullTextSession.flushToIndexes();
    • Calling  fullTextSession.index / purge: raises an exception if the entity is not  indexable rather than the previous noop.



    • If you implement org.hibernate.search.bridge.FieldBridge or org.hibernate.search.bridge.TwoWayFieldBridge, the method set() has evolved to the following signature void set(String name, Object  value, Document document, LuceneOptions luceneOptions)


    Hibernate Search 3.0.0.GA


    • query.setIndexProjection has been  removed (after deprecation), the replaced method is query.setProjection


    Hibernate Search 3.0.0.CR1


    • DirectoryProvider has a  new method start()


    • @Text, @Keyword and @Unstored have  been removed


    Hibernate Search 3.0.0.Beta4


    • @Text, @Keyword etc have been  deprecated for a while, they will be removed in the next release.


    • fullTextQuery.setIndexProjection()  has been renamed fullTextQuery.setProjection()
    • The default reader  strategy is now shared (this should not affect the  compatibility though)


    • ContextHelper.getSearchFactory  is deprecated, prefer fullTextSession.getSearchFactory();
    • searchFactory.getDirectoryProvider(Class)  is now searchFactory.getDirectoryProviders(Class)


    • Lucene Core 2.2 is now used: your  index structure will be automatically migrated by Lucene.


    Hibernate Search 3.0.0.Beta2


    • All org.hibernate.search.query.FullTextQueryImpl casting should be replaced by org.hibernate.search.FullTextQuery casting
    • resultSize() has been renamed getResultSize()
    • Queries  restricting to one entity now use one SQL query rather than depending  on @BatchSize() when list() is used, the major impact is that  it's going to be faster
    • Query query = fullTextSession.createFullTextQuery(luceneQuery, book.class);
    • query.list();


    • The build phase for Lucene  Documents is now done in the beforeCompletion phase of a  transaction, making the process insensible to LazyInitializationException.  There should be no impact to users that did not hit the bug.