Version 2

    Here is a list of new features for Hibernate Tools plugins which we'll consider to implement in 3.3 version.


    1. Hibernate 4 support. There is already Hibernate 4.0.0.Alpha1 released. We are going to support Hibernate 4 in our tools.

    2. User hibernate libraries support aka Hibernate multiversions support. Due to different hibernate and hibernate tools versions we should provide the behaviour of our tools based on the libraries in User's project. (JBIDE-6070)

    3. Package-level annotations support in JPA projects. Dali JPA tools now provide the API to support package level annotations (located in files). Hibernate has some annotations (@GenericGenerators, @TypeDefs...) which require such a support. They should be retrieved and processed by JPA project validator and views.(ex. JBIDE-3507)

    4. Overwrite/Skip/Merge options in hibernate tools generation process. This option was asked many times by our users. They should be able to select what exporter should do with existing files when it generates the output. (JBIDE-3314, JBIDE-4268)

    5. Completion proposals in persistence.xml for some hibernate values. We have ability to provide some completion proposals in JPA project persistence.xml file for such options like hibernate properties names, dialects, urls templates, etc. (JBIDE-8026)

    6. Generate orm.xml files. User should be able to generate orm.xml files like now he can generate hbm files or annotated java classes. But this should be implemented in hibernate-core first. (JBIDE-6554)


    May be not all features from the list will be implemented, but they are on the top of our list.