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    How can I dynamically load classes within an MBean?


    So you have created your cool MBean service and you want to dynamically

    load and instantiate a class, to implement some sort of plug-in mechanism.

    The typical mistake is to use:


    This won't work correctly because the bootstrap class loader will be used

    to load that class, and this is almost always wrong unless you want to

    load system classes.


    JBoss uses an advanced and fully configurable classloading mechanism that

    associates a UnifiedClassLoader with each top-level deployment. The trick

    here is to load the class using the classloader associated with the

    deployment, so that you integrate with the JBoss classloading model.

    To do this you can do:

       // get the classloader associated with the thread
       ClassLoader cl = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();            
       // load the class           
       Class clazz = cl.loadClass("somepackage.SomeClass");
       // do whatever with it
       SomeClass someClass = (SomeClass)clazz.newInstance();





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