Version 1

    I have this code:



       try {               


                conn = ((Session) this.getEntityManager().getDelegate()).connection();


            cs = conn.prepareStatement( "insert into acdsys.Vmiseam values (null, 4, sysdate, 28, 31, ?,'D222','A333')" );

                cs.setString(1, test2)





    i see in the debugger, that the varable has a right value! (a mix of cyrillic with german-umlaute "Ö","Ä" etc)

    If i set the Unicode directly in my Oracle-database, e.g.:


    update acdsys.Vmiseam set v1 = UNISTR('\041F\0435\0442\044F') where id = 32


    it is shown absolutely correct in my web-application! But the insert (see upper) losts the non-standard characters! (= can't write it as unicode properly!)


    I've tried things like this:


                      Properties connProps = conn.getClientInfo();


    but they doesn't work: :-(


    Who can help my please with this issue?