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    Which projects contain I18N resources for workbench?


    [GWT I18N]


    [Javascript based I18N]


    [Java ResourceBundle]


    Which projects trigger GWT compile?


    • drools-wb -> DroolsWorkbench.gwt.xml (Basic workbench)
    • kie-wb-distributions/kie-drools-wb -> KIEDroolsWebapp.gwt.xml (BRMS workbench)
    • kie-wb-distributions/kie-wb -> KIEWebapp.gwt.xml (BPMS workbench)


    The following projects also do GWT compile for standalone or showcase build.

    • jbpm-designer/jbpm-designer-standalone
    • jbpm-form-modeler/jbpm-form-modeler-showcase
    • jbpm-console-ng/jbpm-console-ng-showcase
    • uberfire/uberfire-showcase


    Note: You need to run mvn with '-P fullProfile' to complie I18N resources. Also make sure that dependant projects which contain I18N resources (* are built beforehand.


    mvn clean install -P fullProfile -DskipTests


    Tips: You may notice that gwt-maven-plugin <configuration> of fullProfile doesn't include <extraJvmArgs>. <extraJvmArgs> is inherited from FastCompile (default) configuration. If you face OutOfMemoryError on gwt compile, increase the Xmx value in the <extraJvmArgs>.


    kie-wb-distributions/kie-wb/kie-wb-webapp/pom.xml at master · droolsjbpm/kie-wb-distributions · GitHub


    How to build kie-wb-distributions with latest translations

    • Pull latest codes
    droolsjbpm-build-bootstrap/script/ pull
    • Go to each project which is connected to Zanata. Pull translations. mvn replacer is required to convert single apostrophe to two apostrophes for GWT convention
    mvn zanata:pull-module
    mvn replacer:replace -N
    • Build all projects to make sure all resources are included in dependant jars
    droolsjbpm-build-bootstrap/script/ clean install -DskipTests
    • Go to kie-wb-distributions/kie-drools-wb or kie-wb-distributions/kie-wb. Build the workbench
    mvn clean install -P fullProfile -DskipTests


    Translation site (Zanata)


    If you want to contribute to translation, please join Zanata.


    Translation projects for droolsjbpm workbench:



    How the process works


    • Core developers create original resources and push them to github repository
    • Core developers push original resources to Zanata using maven plugin
    • Translators add translations to those resources in Zanata
    • Core developers pull translated resources from Zanata using maven plugin. Also run mvn replacer
    • Core developers push them to github repository
    • * Jenkins builds all projects daily