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    How to add users to the "property file" based authentication for JBCS 1.0M5


    versions: 1.0M5-pre1




    JBCS 1.0M5 deprecates the "StaticUserRepository" used in previous versions and relies strictly upon JAASUserRepository and the various login modules supplied by the underlying application server.  It is suggested that you immediately abandon the property file based login module which is set up by the installation and switch instead to the database login module.  If you choose to use the property-file based login module here is how you add users to the system.


    Locate the property files


    You will find the property files which the default login module relies upon in $JBMS_HOME/server/$CONFIG/deploy/mail.ear/mail.sar (for example C:\JBMS10m5pre1\server\default\deploy\mail.ear\mail.sar) with the file names and  The first file defines users and their passwords.  The second file defines users to the roles they have (separated by commas).  In the 1.0M5 releases JBCS only uses the calendaruser role.  In a future release "admin" may also be used.


    Adding a user


    Edit $JBMS_HOME/server/$CONFIG/deploy/mail.ear