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    Often when you ask a question on the forum, the first reply will be to ask you to provide more information. A waste of your time, and the person kind enough to answer your question!


    If you follow this guide, then hopefully we can get straight down to the business of answering your question


    When you create a new post, you get to choose whether you are asking a question or not. We recommend you ask a question, as then your post will be tracked and we will try to make sure you get an answer.


    First up, provide a descriptive title. This will help anyone browsing the forum wondering if they can help someone spot your question, getting you a better answer faster.


    Now, if you have a problem, provide all the information that someone could need to diagnose it:


    • Java (vendor and version)
    • Infinispan version
    • Network topology (if relevant)
    • App server in use (if relevant)
    • Thread dump (if relevant, i.e. timeouts, hangs, 100% CPU...etc)


    Now, describe your problem or request in detail. Once again, time you spend here will be rewarded by better answers faster. If you have mulitple questions use a numbered list. This helps some read your question, and, if someone can only answer part of the question, refer to part they are answering. Make sure that you include any error messages including the full stack trace.


    Since Infinispan is a distributed system, remember that in most cases there's a node that acts as a sender and one or several nodes that act as receiver. So, if for a example a node is is reporting an error receiving something, check what the sender might show in the logs...etc. Often, if you can immediately provide both the sender and receiver "pictures" it makes it quicker for us to figure out what happened.



    Case study



    This post:

    • provides logs
    • contains detailed information
    • contains configuration files
    • provides a test case that helped narrow down the issue (in this case provided by an Infinispan developer, but ideally provided by the reporter)


    The result was that an important issue ( was fixed and the documentation was updated (asynchronous marshalling section in


    If you struggle with using the code formatting in the forum, you might wish to paste your code into a gist and link to it in the thread.


    As people post answer, you get the option to mark answers as helpful or correct. Please do mark your answers. Once you mark your question as correctly answered, it means everyone can move onto your next question!


    If you are asked to file an issue, then follow the filing an issue guide.