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    How To Build JBoss5




    JBoss5 is in Beta 2 as of 2007-04-06, but some users would like to build it quickly. This guide provides a quick set of steps for building JBoss5 from source. The build branch is trunk, which contains the latest version used by developers.


    Required Software


    Ant 1.6 or higher

    To build JBoss5, you will need Ant. Ant can be downloaded from For help with Ant installation/use refer to:


    Subversion Option 1


    Subversion can be downloaded from Subversion is not written in Java, but there are pre-built binaries for all the major systems. If using Fedora, you can install subversion with this command: yum install subversion. RHEL 4 ships with the Subversion client.


    Subversion Option 2


    If you are an eclipse user, Subclipse provides an alternative Subversion client. Instructions for installing Subclipse on Eclipse 3.x can be found: For older versions of eclipse, refer to the Subclipse homepage:



    Install Instructions


    1. Open a command prompt/shell

    2. cd $JBOSS5_BUILD_DIRECTORY (The directory you want to build JBoss5 in)

    3. svn co

    4. cd $JBOSS5_BUILD_DIRECTORY/trunk/build

    5. build.bat or ./ (Should take awhile, 15 minutes or more)

    6. Your new JBoss5 server can be found at:  $JBOSS5_BUILD_DIRECTORY/trunk/build/output/jboss-5.0.0.Beta2


    Test JSF 1.2 Sample Application


    1. cd $JBOSS5_BUILD_DIRECTORY/trunk/build/output/jboss-5.0.0.Beta/bin

    2. or run.bat

    3. copy jsf12KickStart.war to $JBOSS5_BUILD_DIRECTORY/trunk/build/output/jboss-5.0.0.Beta2/server/default/deploy

    4. Open Browser

    5. Go to http://localhost:8080/jsf12KickStart (Test JSF 1.2 app should work!)


    Note that the jsf12KickStart app will spit out some ERROR messages.  If you look closely, these are really INFO messages.  Because the app sends the messages via JDK 1.4 logging instead of Log4J, they look a little funny in JBoss.