How to build/modify jbpm-console and deploy it on server.

Version 1

    Info gathered from IRC discussion with tsurdilo:


    1) install git and maven

    2) git clone

    3) mvn clean install -Dconsole.profile=jbpm -Dfull -DskipTests

    4) mvn eclipse:eclipse

    5) git clone

    6) mvn clean install -Dfull -DskipTests

    7) open eclipse, import projects.

    8) search pom files in jbpm for "<version>2.3.4.Final</version>" and replace with "<version>2.4.0-SNAPSHOT</version>". This tells to use local version

    9) change bpm-console code -> compile console code -> compile jbpm code

    10)after that go to your $jbpm/jbpm-distribution/target dir

    there you will find the distro zips you just built

    11) copy and from $jbpm/jbpm-distribution/target dir

    to $installer-dir$/lib directory

    12) now your installer (if you have 5.2 is not going to use jbpm 5.3.0..itll be on 5.2.0

    so in this step edit $installer-dir$/ and make sure you update your jbpm version to jBPM.version=5.3.0-SNAPSHOT

    Also you need to add to $install-dir$\db\persistence.xml following entities






    6) in $installer-dir$ run:

    ant clean.demo

    ant install.demo (or ant install.demo.noeclipse if you dont want eclipse)

    ant start.demo (or ant start.demo.noeclipse if you dont want eclipse)