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    How to Configure Outlook 2000 for use with JBoss Mail Server 1.0M4 (pre1)


    versions: 1.0M3, 1.0M4, 1.0M5-pre1


    A word of caution


    Virtually no piece of software has been as exploited as Microsoft Outlook.  No piece of software has ever enabled as many email viruses to spread.  No piece of software has ever had as many dangerous security holes.  Yet despite all of this, Outlook continues to be one of the most popular email clients around.  We DO recommend that you use something else!  However we'd rather you use Outlook with JBoss Mail Server than with something else.  So if you must...


    First steps


    On your first launch of Outlook, it asks you a somewhat difficult to revoke decision as to whether you will be using Outlook with a workgroup server (Microsoft Exchange) or with Internet Mail Only.  The phrasing is dubious and the warning very critical sounding.  Say "Internet Only" and click OK through the "are you sure"s.


    Creating an account



    From the main outlook window, click "Tools" and then select accounts.  You should then see a screen like this:



    From this screen click add Mail... like this:



    In the following screen enter your name as you wish it to appear on your emails and click ok.



    Now enter your email address.  For instance if you followed the M4 installation instructions and created a server for the localdomain called "localhost" and a user called "test" you would put "test@localhost" in this screen and click okay.



    Now put your JBMS server name (if this is on your localhost then put localhost) for both incoming and outgoing mails.  Select "POP3" as JBMS does not yet support IMAP (1.0M5-pre1 does but we do not yet have instructions for setting up Outlook for this).  Click okay.



    For your username, enter your "account" name (not email address i.e. "test") and its password that you configured on the server.  If you would like to store your password in an easily cracked local database on your PC rather than type it in every time then check "Remember Password".  Although JBMS support APOP (which Outlook calls "Secure Password Authentication") it is not set up via the GUI installer for M4pre1 so do not select it.  Click OK.




    Finally on this bizzarely incongruently colored screen you select how you connect to the internet.  Generally if you don't want Outlook to initiate internet connections for you, just select "LAN" or "Manually".



    You shoul see a screen indicating that you have successfully set up mail.  Click finish.




    Now that you're back at the farm, click the "New" button in the upper right-hand corner.  Send a mail to yourself (i.e. test@localhost), give it a title and type something.  Now click send.



    Click the "Send and receive" icon and you should see this:



    You may have to click "send and receive" twice (once to send and once to receive your mail) as it may not have been posted to your mailbox before outlook requested it.  Once you are successful you should see your mail:



    That's all that is required to send and receive mail from local users.


    Enable SMTP Authentication




    Enable SMTP/SSL




    Enable POP/SSL