Version 1



    Modify gui/src/main/resources/org/jboss/as/console/TeiidExtension.gwt.xml for Super Dev Mode.



    <module rename-to="app">

      <inherits name=""/>

      <stylesheet src="teiid.css" />

      <add-linker name="xsiframe"/>





    $ cd ${teiid-web-console}

    $ mvn -Pdev clean install

    $ cd app

    $ mvn package -Peapdev





    $ cd ${teiid-web-console)/app/target

    $ cp teiid-console-app-***-resources.jar $TeiidServer_HOME/modules/system/layers/dv/org/jboss/as/console/main/

    $ vi $TeiidServer_HOME/modules/system/layers/dv/org/jboss/as/console/main/module.xml


    Modify the value of resource-root to teiid-console-app-***-resources.jar




    • GWT Code Server


         $ cd cd ${teiid-web-console)/app

         $ mvn gwt:run-codeserver -Peapdev 


    The server is ready when you can see [INFO] The code server is ready at* in terminal.


    • Teiid Server







    1. open your Chrome browser and go to http://localhost:9876/
    2. drag and drop Dev Mode On button to your bookmarks panel
    3. login to http://localhost:9990/console/
    4. click "Dev Mode On" on bookmark
    5. click "Compile" button
    6. open developer debugger (in Chrome CTRL + Shift + I)
    7. go to Sources tab
    8. CTRL + P to search for a file you want to debug
    9. set a breakpoint