Version 15

    How to Execute Matrix Tests


    It's possible to test JBoss against older clients versions.


    For that you have to define the variable -Dmatrix-versions= you need to have client versions library. Each directory existent will be picked as one version.


    For example:


    • <versions directory>

      • 4_0_1

      • 4_0_2


    The dir name should correspond to client-version property used in testsuite/build.xml <test-compatibility client-version="4_0_1">


    4_0_1 will have all the client jars. Download jboss-4.0.1 from sourceforge and copy all the files under the client dir to 4_0_1 dir. So, each directory here is equivalent to the client directory we have under jbossAS.



    Now that the compatibility matrix tests a jdk1.5 server with a jdk1.4 client and vice versa,

    pass the location of the jdk1.4 and jdk1.5 installation while running the tests.


    ant tests-matrix -Djdk14=YOUR_JDK1.4_INSTALLATION -Djdk15=YOUR_JDK1.5_INSTALLATION


    If you would like to test compatibility with a particular version of jboss comment out the <test-compatibility> call for other versions from testsuite/build.xml


    Important: Don't use dots or any weird character in those directories as the XSL wouldn't know how to convert them properly.