Version 2
    • get a 'gem2rpm' script
    • Fetch gem you want to package, like
    gem fetch sinatra
    • Run gem2rpm
    sinatra-1.0.gem > rubygem-sinatra.spec
    • Now edit this specfile, and change things like:
    rpmbuild -ba rubygem-sinatra.spec
    • SRPM appears under ~/rpm-devel/SRPMS
    • Check SRPM and RPM using rpmlint and fix all errors
    • Then submit a new package review request using this site
    • Wait random amount of hours to mtasaka appear ;-)
    • After Mamoru approve your package, you request for import into GIT
    • Then you need to checkout this package from GIT, build it and submit into testing
    • After some time you need to gather karma in bodhi and then push package as stable