Version 19


    1. your local ~/.m2/settings.xml is setup with JBoss Nexus auth
    2. your local SSH key is added to your GitHub account




    1. Close all of the versions' tickets in JIRA
    2. Ensure your checkout is master's HEAD
    3. Update to the latest .Final release of overlord-commons
    4. mvn clean test (sanity check)
    5. Consider running integration tests (see s-ramp-test/, especially if included fixes merit it.
    6. ./
    7. If for some reason fails, reset and do the following (currently having issues due to the package phase and the way we do javadocs):
      1. mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=[RELEASE VERSION]
      2. mvn clean install -P generate-docs
      3. git add .
      4. git commit -m "[RELEASE VERSION] release"
      5. mvn deploy -Pgenerate-docs,upload-docs -Dkeyfile=[full path to rsa private key]
      6. scp s-ramp-[RELEASE_VERSION].zip
      7. git tag s-ramp-[RELEASE VERSION]
      8. git push origin s-ramp-[RELEASE VERSION]
      9. mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=[NEXT SNAPSHOT VERSION]
      10. git add .
      11. git commit -m "[RELEASE VERSION] post release"
      12. git push origin master
    8. Log into Nexus and close/release the staged repo
    9. Update to the -SNAPSHOT release of overlord-commons



    1. update website
    2. blog
    3. announce on Twitter