Version 98

    Hudson Installation Guide :

    Please see HudsonInstallationGuide


    How to Create a New Project in Hudson

    Please see HudsonCreateNewJob or CreateNewProjectInHuson (old)


    How to get access to Hudson Machines to Debug Your Project

    Please see HudsonDevelopersSlaveAccess


    How to Add a New Slave to Hudson

    Please see AddingSlaveToMasterInHudson


    Current Hudson Deployment Architecture

    Please see CurrentHudsonDeploymentArchitecture


    How to Upgrade Hudson

    Please see HudsonUpgradeProcess


    QA Team Members maintaining Hudson jobs

    Please see Jenkins/Hudson Project Maintainers




    Please see HudsonTroubleshooting as well HudsonHowToDebug for more advanced topics


    Modify an existing project in hudson (For QA folks only)


    • If you are changing configuration of an existing project in hudson, please first test it before you make it visible to everybody.

    • Notify the project/dev team in advance about the change you are going to make

    • Force a build with notification and publishing disabled.

    • If build is fine, re-enable notification and publishing. These changes could be changing an environment variable or tieing a build to another slave/labels. Please make sure, you have a successful build before you fully enable it.

    • If build does not go well, revert your changes.