Version 5

    JBPM.3 requires local repository to store dependencies. It has to stay the default which is ${user.home}/jbpm/repository and user.home is the OS user home directory by default. To change that and match our pattern of using ~/static_build_env/${job name} start ant with -Duser.home


    JBPM.3 test suite requires some ant libs it copies to its lib dir so you have to use a dedicated ant installation in ~/static_build_env/jbpm/apache-ant-1.6.5


    So to set things up:

    • create dir ${user.home}/jbpm/repository

    • edit in build dir (software-home)

    • create db configuration:



    For more info about database config and test suite see:

    • JbpmBuildingTheSources

    • JbpmWiki