Version 19



    To blog, here's what you do:

    • First, make sure you have a working copy of your project's CMS Repository Location

    • place your file in the blog directory within your projects working copy - typically <portal-name>/members/<project-name>/blog/


    • the file can be any text file; its content will be displayed as the blog text

    • set the "title" property of that file (using svn properties). Under linux, type: svn propedit title <file-name>. If you use tortoise SVN, this is even easier - just go to the appropriate tab.

    • commit the file - it should be visible shortly afterwards


    If you want to have a "Blog" page displaying a non-standard feed, you need to add the following lines to your project.xml (the menu entry must be there regardless if you have a standard feed or not):


       <page display="Blog">blog</page>


    In fact, if you have an outside blog, you can display it this way too. Just set the appropriate address.