Version 5

    If your build is hung during execution

    1. Abort the build. You may have to click twice. Sometimes this doesn't work from the slave's page. In that case try to abort the build from Hudson's Dashboard or the project's page.

    2. Take the slave offline through hudson console.

    3. Log into and kill the ssh process that connects to the slave.

    4. Log into slave and kill all stale and hudson related processes.

    5. Bring the slave back online through hudson console. Please confirm in the log that slave came back successfully.

    6. Fix your project if it got stuck because of problem with project itself. Else, force a build on the project if hudson was the culprit.

    7. If you are still having problem, please send a mail to jboss-qa-internal


    Hudson sometimes says it's not able to delete a directory and that's why it fails to build.

    • You seem to have stale processes from previous builds. Make sure you don't leave such as taht could break unrelated jobs as well. If you build on slave with a single executor then you can use our kill plug-in. You can enable it from job configuratio -> Build Environment -> Kill stale processes when build is done

    • slaves with mroe than one executor are labeled -slim and -micro currently

    • in the future we will be improving hudson to handle that automatically and you will have to ensure that your processes don't override a cookie environment variable; we'll announce that


    Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly."

    java location is not correctly specified for the slave. Contact qa-internal list.