Version 1

    this is my pojo



    public class User{

    private Stirng name;

    private int loginCount = 0;


    public String getName() {

            return name;


    public void setName(String nm) {



    public int getLoginCount() {

            return loginCount;


    public void setLoginCount(int loginCount) {

            this.loginCount = loginCount;




    my rest method






        public Response postUser(@BadgerFish User user) {     



            System.out.println("post req.....");

            return Response.status(200).entity("sucess"+p.getLoginCount()).build();




    poblem is


    JSON Data comes in POST Request:

    Case 1: if JSON is -> {"name":"abc"} Response will be 0 (Works as expected)

    Case 2: if JSON is -> {"name":"abc","loginCount":"12"}. It should not set the value of loginCount in POJO obj. and Response should be 0.