Version 8

    After suffering at the hands of WMQ and its insane installation, I thought I'd write down some notes in the hope that they might help someone else.


    These notes were taken when installing v6 Trial Edition on Windows XP.  Some of the points may, or may not be, relevant on other platforms.

    Install Wizard

    Be sure to install the "MQ Explorer" and "Windows Client" options during the setup:


    The WMQ installer will allow you install the WMQ Server without installing the MQ Explorer, but the resulting install is completely broken.  Not at all obvious from the IBM docs. Who knows why it is not auto-installed if it is mandatory and shipped with the distro!


    The MQ Explorer can also ne installed manually. It's installer is buried in the prereqs/IES dir of the expanded distro. If installing it manually, be sure to install it before installing the Server.


    Patching MQ Server

    v6.0.0 does not contain the JCA adapter.  After installing v6.0.0, you need to patch it with a "Fix" patch to bring it up to v6.0.2.1 (or higher) i.e. there's no v6.x+ installer, you need to install v6.0.0 and then patch it.  This is not at all obvious from the IBM docs.


    After installing the patch, the JCA Adapter RAR can be found in the <WebSphereMQInstall>/Java/lib/jca folder.


    JBoss AS Setup

    You need to download and add some additional jar files to the App Server's lib folder (e.g. server/default/lib):

    1. mqcontext.jar


    You also need to add 2 folders to the system path (at least on Windows).  These are required for loading of some native code by the WMQ libs:

    1. <WebSphereMQInstall>/bin
    2. <WebSphereMQInstall>/Java/lib


    If you are using the JCA Adapter, remember to copy the wmq.jmsra.rar file from the  <WebSphereMQInstall>/Java/lib/jca folder to your servers deploy folder.  See previous section.