Version 3

    In the jboss identity management trunk code, run the command:

         mvn clean install -Pdistro


    In the assembly/target, you would see jbossidm-${version}.zip and the jbossidm-${version}.jar. The jbossidm-${version}.zip is the jboss idm distribution, it is the ANT based scripts; the jbossidm-${version}.jar is the all-classes-in-one jar, so if you want to use the classes and don't want to have too many modules, you can use this one.


    Next, I will focus on the jboss idm ANT based distribution. After you extract the jbossidm-${version}.zip file, you would see directory like following:











    1. The file contains the all neccessary property values. like database, jboss location etc. Typically you need to update those values to your specific one, and then run the installation command.
    2. db: This is the folder that contains the all supported db schema. (DDL), all db's properties and hibernate cfg files.Also in this folder, there are two ANT task that you can use:
      create.jbossidm.schema  creates the jbossidm tables in the database
      drop.jbossidm.schema    drops the jbossidm tables from the database


    3. jboss: This is the folder that contains the files, like hibernate cfg file,  that you needed to deploy the idm to JBoss AS. like datasource etc, in this folder, you have following ANT task that you can use:
    4.      ---------------------------------

           install.jbossidm.into.jboss  installs jbossidm into jboss


           uninstall.jbossidm           uninstall jbossidm from jboss


    5. lib: This folder contains all the dependent libraries (third-party) and the library that idm projects produced, like idm-api etc.
    6. modules: This folder now contains the JBoss AS 5 specific deployer & idm-service.sar.
    7. src: contain all the source for the idm project.


    The most work that was done in this distribution is: once you specify the target database and the JBoss AS server location and config file, users can use the db/build.xml file to populate the jboss idm schema into the target database, use the jboss/build.xml file to install the jboss idm into JBoss AS server.


    In the JBoss AS server, you would see two artifacts were deployed, one is called idm-deployer, which you can find it under $JBossAS5/server/$config(default)/deployers. The other one is named "idm", which you also see it in the $JBossAS5/server/$config(default)/deploy folder.


    Once you've run the 'ant install.jbossidm.into.jboss' command from the jboss/build.xml, you are ready to start the JBoss AS.