Version 3

    I get javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: This destination does not exist!


    This means the queue or topic is not deployed on the jms server you are connecting to.


    What is a jms destination?


    A jms destination is just a name. It does not have any location information.

    If you take a queue from one server and try to use it with a connection

    from a different jms server you will get the error above.


    What determines the connection to the server?


    The javax.jms.[ConnectionFactory|DOC-9419] determines which jms server you are talking to. When you lookup the ConnectionFactory in jndi it contains information on how to connect to the jms server.


    Other causes


    • The destination was undeployed

    • It was a temporary queue or topic. The connection that created it has been closed.