Version 1

    Hello JBossAS Community,


    I've managed multiple JBossAS servers for years and now with the power of mobile devices like the iPhone/iPod Touch, monitoring and management is getting easier to keep tabs on remote systems without having to open a laptop every time. I created AServPoint as a single mobile application to monitor multiple servers with a flick of a finger. Look, we are all busier than ever working more hours with fewer resources. Every tool that helps you do your job with less time is a winner in my world. Version 1.0 is now released with all the main tools I wanted to watch my servers and really "see" how they are performing and also "see" and "interact" with the logging system among other things. This tool will grow as users demand more and more advanced features. Many powerful controls are being added to future releases to add secure controls to remote control your servers.

    Using AServPoint enables you to easily monitor your JBoss Application Server(s). Monitor system performance in the active graphs, then turn it sideways to view and interact with the server.log logs. Allows you to watch the logs in landscape format... then select a log and Google it for quick information on any log. A bonus is the disk volume charts that provide disk usage details. Active graphs shows CPU, Thread, and Memory usages. A nice app for the on-the-go IT staff.


    Supports all versions of JBossAS 4.0.0 and higher.


    JBossAS running on Mac OS X / Linux / Windows running with JDK 1.5 or greater.


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    Search the App Store for 'jboss' or 'aservpoint'