ISO ( is the International Organization for Standardization. It is one of the few government-accepted standardization organizations. Many SDO's (standards development organisations) submit their standards to ISO for wider acceptance and adoption.


Involvement in the ISO is on a per-country basis. Involved countries each have a mirror-committee where people who work for companies (such as Red Hat, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, etc), universities and possibly other national bodies are represented. So there is no direct company-level involvement in ISO, involvement all goes through the country-based mirror committees.


The ISO JTC 1 is a group where standards relating to Information and Communication technologies are defined.

ISO JTC 1 works in subcommittees. JBoss/Red Hat is involved in the following:


JTC 1/SC 38

SC 38 focuses on Distributed Application Platforms and Services

it has the following working groups:

  • JTC 1/SC 38/WG 1 - Web Services
  • JTC 1/SC 38/WG 2 - SOA
  • JTC 1/SC 38/WG 3 - Cloud Computing


Mirror Committee representative (via Ireland mirror): David Bosschaert